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I wonder if it would be possible to make a emulator for other systems to play on virtual boy? I actually only have one game in mind at the moment… Chalvo 55. Since it’s related to Bound High anyway it would be right at home on Virtual Boy. Do you think it could be done?

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Emulation is possible, but not really realistic for most systems. I ported a Gameboy emulator a long time ago, but it was HORRIBLY slow (<1 FPS). While it certainly could have been optimized, it probably couldn't be made to run full speed.

If you want a GB emulator, you'd probably need to do something like a Super Gameboy, which actually uses hardware to run the Gameboy, and just using the host system for controls, display, audio, etc.


You could do a hybrid static-recompiler(using hints of what data is code from running the game in a specialized emulator)/interpreter(for paths the static-recompiler didn’t handle) emulation along with extra code to translate in real-time the video, audio, etc. port reads and writes.


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