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Why is it that all the labels in N. America had to have the red/blue background while the Japanese labels didn’t and could have anything they wanted on it? Just curious.

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Anime-style vaguely-pokemon-ish explanation: the Bacharu Boi feel most comfortable in their home country in which their cheerful creator Yokoi-sama invented them in, thus demanding to have their home countries’ versions of their games boxarts to be much more fun!

Real explanation: I don’t know 😛

Same as Neo-Geo. Boring framed art for English releases, full image for Japanese. I’m sure it was just some lame US marketing decision (as usual) in the US gaming world.

Yeah, its my theory that NOA decided to use the horrid red/blue color scheme on all of the VB products so that there would be no confusion between them and the Game Boy games/accessories.

Sure the color combo of red and blue is commonly associated with 3D, but I still don’t understand why the Virtual Boy game boxes have it (it should be a red and black border, because the Virtual Boy has no blue!)

…and how could anyone have thought a game with a red/black border would be a Game Boy game?

Then again, I’ve heard people on the internet call the DS a “Game Boy DS” and someone refer to the Wii as “that Game Boy *name* brought over and plugged into the TV to create an in-game character that looks like me (a Mii)” and then I’ve heard some people on a shopping channel talk about a Television they were trying to sell and they said “its got ports (A/V) that you could plug a Game Boy into”

That special Red/Black Gameboy with a bigger box – a… 2-D console for a 3-D world? 😕


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