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Hey everyone I was on one of my internet adventures and stumbled upon the…. Adventure Vision ??? Whats that? Well luckily someone on YouTube knows what it is! The link to the vid is at the bottom. After you watch it I think you’ll understand why I posted this my fellow red eyed virtual freaks! 😎

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Cool find! It seems to work just like the Virtual Boy, except there is no 3D πŸ˜›

I want one! πŸ™‚

This is a gem of a system! I’ve wanted it for years, but only saw it for sale once and it was ended at a very high price, of which I don’t recall.
I remember the one time I saw an auction for one of it’s four games for sale on eBay. It went for over $1000 and was “chewed by a dog”. It really makes one elite to own this machine, as they’re super rare!

Emulation is out there for this system, and it runs rather good.

I *almost* consider this the predecessor to the VB, albeit of no 3d ability.

It’s pretty clever how they used a two-sided mirror to increase the frame-rate. Too bad it doesn’t have any velocity compensation like the VB uses to stabilize the display. Still, it has to be considered a fore-runner of the VB’s display technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reflection Tech. patent(s) cite this device or its creators.

Thanks for the post, DD.

Incredibly interesting. Not only that, their channel showcases many more interesting, obscure consoles.

Wow! That’s really interesting. It’s a shame you don’t see companies experimenting with radical new ideas nowadays.

I think the Wii did rather well experimenting with a radical new idea… Actually, so did Nintendo’s other recent and coming consoles.

I want one someday!
I’m attracted to red game consoles now (I’m getting a Red/Black 3DS after all) πŸ˜‰

Considering its price and rarity, this one probably is one you won’t be getting (unless you’re rich and lucky)…

hey everyone,
sorry to bump such an old thread but i felt it made more sense to post my question here than to start a new topic.

does anyone know if any homebrew or custom carts were ever created for this system? by custom carts i’m thinking of rom dumps for holiday themed messages or greeting cards, usually those are what i expect to see for older systems.



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