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HP Lovethrash wrote:
Did anyone get SML 2 to work yet? I see the gameplay demo come on, but get booted out of the saved file menu before I can play.

No, Mario land 2 doesn’t work, it does just as you said. Mario land 3 however, does. It’s odd because they both use a similar save file screen..

I wonder if we should start a new thread talking about the games the emulator can run and at what degree. Rank the best of the best currently…something that can be modified overtime as new games are tried and new releases of the emulator are made.

Also, perhaps a list of the best ‘load-out’ that can fit onto a flashboy.


that is a project better suited for a WIKi article. on this forum we can’t even edit our posts after 30 minutes. a thread discussing working games is going to grow out of proportion quickly.

here is an established video game community with a working wiki install. as long as no roms are linked/hosted to/from the page, there will not be a problem.


here are some examples:

since there are already projects which archive all gb/gbc dumps, it would be trivial to populate such an article with a full list of available roms. then it is just a matter of the community making edits to help establish what is working and what is not.

as far as the 2MB compilation problem, perhaps someone should instead look into the existing padding application or the app that makes the compilation should be updated to pad out to 2MB.

I tried out earthworm jim for gameboy.
It’s unplayable because you die like instantly at the beginning of the level.
Still a very impressive project!

Great work !

Virtual Ben

I saw the compo results were posted… congrats on taking first place! Definitely well deserved.


Yeah. Congratulations. Your latest version truly deserves the first place.

Congrats. Im still speechless 🙂

Congratulations on 1st prize M.K! You truly earned it, this project is nothing short of amazing! My two favourite consoles combined into one! 🙂

Congratulations, M.K. *virtual handshake* 😉


My two favourite consoles combined into one! 🙂

That’s exactly what I thought. Congratulations, M.K. !

Great job, thank you! it’s possible to have a compatibility list?


keneda wrote:
Great job, thank you! it’s possible to have a compatibility list?

They have talked about it, but that’s A LOT of “burning” and “reburning” lol.

I won’t be part of that task lol.

Any hope for a save game function?

Would love to do some Pokemon RED, long term.

Great job on this man! It’s really insane that I can play these old games like this with 3D and what not! Here’s hoping for some more systems in the future like NES!

This is really awesome! Keep up the good work. Hopefully this may lead to even more possibilities on the vb.

I am turbo excited about this emulator, it’s gonna cause the VB to be 500% cooler!
I can see it now Super Mario Land 2, Link’s Awakening, Pokemon (Red, Blue and Yellow), Donkey Long Land series, Ghostbusters 2, Zoids Densetsu, True Lies, and Kirby’s Dreamland!

Tried out Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, they all have terrible sound issues and freeze once you attempt to use the PKMN Center. 🙁 Strange, especially since Pokemon Yellow was a different game separate from Red and Blue.

I am now gonna try various other games.

This is really awesome! Keep up the good work.

Tried out Zelda,Mario,Solar…game speed is slow but the 3D depth is cool !


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