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So I downloaded the emulator. How do I get it to work??

In this thread, go to page 3 then the third post from the top.

I only got back into this system in the end of the first month of this year and found out about this a bit later. I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed about what it can handle. I see it has not been updated in a few years, so I’m assuming it’s dead? Was the source ever made public if someone wanted to take a crack at checking off more bugs or seeing if maybe further optimization could be done to remedy some speed issues?

Also I saw that later injectors also were to pad for flashboy, but what about with mellott’s tool coming later this year as that would be no longer necessary.

I have a friend who might be interested in coding this (https://github.com/rattboi), but he said that the source that’s shared isn’t for the latest version. Could you please post your latest source, MK?

When I try and get the gameboy roms to work with the emulator, i get a message saying “Can’t open gbemu.bin”

I’ve checked over and over and I’m typing everything correctly in the command prompt. Can anyone help me?

Dreammary wrote:
In this thread, go to page 3 then the third post from the top.

Tip for anyone using Windows 10 that the pictures don’t show, be sure to put “.\” before the file name otherwise PowerShell won’t accept it

Example – ” .\rominjector.exe .\gameboy.vb .\PokemonGold.gb “


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