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Here’s my submission for the competition, Mario Kart Virtual Cup. It should work fine in the latest Reality Boy, and it works (best) on hardware. I’ll probably upload a video of it when I get home tonight for those without a flash cart, or those too lazy to burn it ;-). Enjoy!


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that sounds like a good idea. i wish someone would make a level editor for jack bros…

It’s not really on topic here, but doing a level editor for JB shouldn’t be too difficult, but it may be kinda time consuming to find where the maps are in the ROM. Of course making a track editor for a game made from scratch is much easier since you know where everything is and what everything does ;).


i can see the logic in that. either way, i’ll be making levels for whatever games allow it.

very VERY nice entry! it’s a lot of fun and i love all the details like the precaution screen, the speech sample or the rotating compo splash. 🙂
btw, there’s a bug in the class selection. i assume the special cup is currently not included? or is it hidden? 🙂

Right… Special Cup isn’t available. I was working on adding a 4th track (a Bowser’s castle), but I ran out of time, so I made it so you can only select Mushroom, Flower, or Star cup.

BTW, the speech isn’t samples (since we don’t have a good way to play samples directly), it’s actually a wav that I converted to 4 standard frequency channels (using FFTs), and updated 100 times/sec (with the timer interrupt). I’ve got a lot of tweaking (and some more features) to do on the converter, but for now it works well enough.


Mario Kart is such a….huge project (to go along with all of your other amazing projects). When you first came out with the demo, I was floored. (side note-it actually got me mad at Nintendo, I didn’t even think the vboy could handle a 3-d kart game, I mean if it did, why wouldn’t Nintendo make one…they didn’t even give this system a fighting chance..oki rant done) You’ve added so much in such a small amount of time, I heard you talking about finishing the game engine, do you plan on adding all of the game aspects of Mario Kart.. all of the different things in the menu ? I can’t even fathom how long something like that would take…wow..the vb community is lucky to have you dogp..that’s all I can say.

Thanks for the compliments… yeah… I plan on adding all the different features. I’m currently adding opponents and stuff, but it’s unoptimized, so it’s slow, and not perfect, so I left them out of the released version. Once I get that working, I’ll probably add 2P head to head race (link cable), and then battle mode (linked again, of course), then the full cup races.


it’s a marvellous game.
i would have loved to try it out on the hardware, if i had a flashboy, but sadly i have neither a flashboy nor the money to buy one.
which brings me to my next question.
after you’ve added all of these brilliant, cheerful features, is there any possible chance of a limited cartridge release of mario kart virtual cup? 😀

I know that’s a bit cheeky but I think I’ll try my luck. Haha.

Thanks… I think it’d be really cool to do a limited cart release, but I don’t know about the legalities of selling something like that, which infringes on Nintendo’s intellectual property. I don’t care about making money off it (in the amount of time I spent on it I could have made a LOT more money than I possibly could by selling it), but I don’t want any legal problems either way. That’d be nice if I could get permission from Nintendo to do it, but I really doubt that’d be possible, and I’d probably just get the response saying “All games must be licensed, but we are no longer licensing games for the Virtual Boy” :(.

If someone made some characters/tracks, I could change them, but IMO it wouldn’t be as good as the Mario Kart theme.


Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that.
You would run into a few difficulties there..

Great game you’ve got here! It’s a lot of fun. I haven’t played it on actual hardware, though.

playing it on hardwarre is amazing. it actually looks like some kind of a official demo


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