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Hey there all together,

This is my entry to the PVB coding competition.
My project combines the titles Pong/arkanoid and Space invaders in one game and is called “pongInvaders”.
I Just started coding for the VB and this is my first project for this device. There is still some work to do. You can expect regular updates in the next weeks but for today i´ve got the basic system finished and thought that i upload it so you guys can give me feedback about this little game.


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Wow, that was fast! Pretty good game as well, what a great idea to combine those two games.

For me, in both Reality Boy and Mednafen, your calibration screen is screwed up. The splash screen code I posted in the rules thread earlier had that issue fixed. (And if neither of you are having that issue, then what am I doing wrong?) Also: The ball displays in Reality Boy, but not mednafen… I haven’t looked at your code so I couldn’t tell you what the deal with that is.

But sorry about my criticism, it’s a really great first project! I never even finished my project for the last competition…

Always good to see new coders. Looks an interesting game.

AHAHAH!!! “PongInvaders”! A genius combination!!! 😀

It looks very promising! I really like the idea, and it’s rather fun as well.

just wondering, did u find out about this competition from my youtube video? 😛

LOL! Yes akumie… I think your video is bringing people into this competition by the truckload 😀 .


Thx for the positive feedback.

As said I´ll work in on this game and update it as often as i can. Sadly i can just work on it at weekends as im a littlebit busy at the moment with school and work but there are many ideas that i want to integrate such as different enemys, diferent levels, powerups, Bossenemys and stuff like that.

Fwirt: I´m currently testing Ponginvaders via Realityboy where everything gets displayed as it should.
I also dont know if this works on real hardware cause i dont have a VB. Would be cool if someone wants to test it on actual hardware and give feedback as i want it to be playable on the real thing. But for that i have to learn a few more things about how stuff actually works on the VB.
As for the calibrationscreen I think it looks messed up for me too but i thought thats just the way it has to look =P.
I´ll try to integrate your calibration screen in the next update.

akumie: I found out about this competition and the whole VB-scene by accident on sunday. while browsing through the web and searching for NDS coding competition on google. I found this page and read some news storys after that i got realy excited about coding for the VB and thought i should give it a try.
But i´ve seen your video. I think it needs a little bit more action but its a nice efford none the less.

You all can expect a little update by the end of the week on sunday.



Looking good so far. Might want to change the typo tho. It’s “lives” not “lifes”.



Didn’t Kri55e run it on real hardware – with a FlashBoy?

Good job Pong Invaders is a really fun game. Pong, and Space Invader are two of my fav games.

I’m testing it in RealityBoy 0.84, but there’s no visible ball…

Occasionally an alien just disappears.

I also noticed that they don’t drop bombs on you unless you move.

I re-downloaded RealityBoy from here:

… and the ball appeared!

But the front end wasn’t the same anymore – do we have another version somewhere here?

Nice flow, the aliens should move all the way to the edges before turning though, and the bounce on the left wall is a little glitchy, there’s a speedboost before it returns to normal speed.

I’m very impressed though!!

Well done. It’s closer to Breakout than Pong.

A score counter would be a good addition, as well as automatic respawning of enemies when you clear a screen.

EDIT: I just noticed you forgot to change the ponginvaders.vbh file.

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… and a wider play area, and soundeffects, and 3D effects… 😉

What’s the plan, are higher levels supposed to be faster, wider play area, different types of enemies?

This one hasn’t had anything new for a while, so I went ahead and tried the first version on my FlashBoy Plus. Unfortunately all I got was a black screen. It’s fun through emulators thought!

Whoops, my mistake, forgot to pad the file.
It runs now!
Graphically it is a bit buggy, however the main issue is that you cannot see the ball.

Any updates usch?

It runs wazzal?

I just tried it from the competition pack and nothing seems to have happened since May 2010…

With FlashBoy Plus (on a real unit) the calibration screen has graphic bugs on the background pattern. No ball is visible in game, alien shots get stuck in mid air, occasional flicker on the aliens. Nice idea but not playable on a real machine.


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