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Here is the TRON game entry in the PVB Compo.



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Looks good!


Whats new about this?, its the same tron released before
Nothing new added to this game at all

what’s your point? he added the splash screen to take part in the competition.

Hey cool to see other entries.


well the competition was so people could make new stuff but tron is the same and the mario one is not even a level since it keeps crashing about half way threw

Jeje I wont complain to much, we will see what more people are making 🙂

mario vb crashes? i cannot confirm that, works nice for me. when does it happen? does it always crash at the same spot?

btw, you should stop complaining and be thankful for the cool stuff people create in their spare time and release here for free for everyone to enjoy. try to write something yourself and you will quickly realize what people are actually achieving.

tron vb has been released after the compo has started, so it is perfectly fine to submit it. even if the first release was a non-compo release.

Have you put in an entry, Akumie?

I cant make games :__:
Yes the mario game keeps crashing on the same spot, on the vb it crashes after I walk about 2 meters after entering the screem threw the bridge
On some emulator it worked beore but after I walked about 2 meters after the first pipe inside the screen the game stopped

JUST received the Flashboy (it’s the #103 one) … and this is the first game I’ve tested with it. It’s great!!!! Only the “press any key to start” text it’s not well displayed on 3D.


Here I recorden the game

I was wondering
1. how many levels does tron have?

2. what is the record on tron or did I make the record? 😉
I dont mean the record of highest score but of levels completed

This was the first game ever made in the virtual boy homebrew scene It was made in 1998, just 2 years after the virtual boy had officially stopped

where the hell do you get your info from? 😛

so there was a homebrew vb game made before tron? hm……

Yep. Also Tron was released this year (not 1998).

haha the so called new version was realesed this year that in my opinion has nothing new at all -_- but the original game was released 1998

i didn’t think tron vb came out in 1998..
it only came out recently, before the competition, right? May, wasn’t it?
i can see this turning into a big argument. haha. hope it doesn’t.

oh no, on his site virtual-e the game has been on there for years
played tron like 6 month ago atleast

a little coaching for newbies:
the first ever virtual boy homebrew was alberto covarrubias’ (aka virtual-e) cursor demo in early 1999. the first ever homebrew game was virtual pong (also by alberto), released in june 1999. other homebrew games released prior to the coding compo are 3d battlesnake (originally called tron vb), simon! and tic tac toe by dogp (released in april 2003), blox (june 2003), and snowball wars by jorgeche (2007).
alberto’s tron was planned to be released in 2000, but was discontinued, until it was released this year, during the coding competition.

akumie wrote:
oh no, on his site virtual-e the game has been on there for years
played tron like 6 month ago atleast

6 months ago =/= “years”. actually it was released on may, 7th, shortly after the competition started.

oh I see


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