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When a ROM dump of the unreleased Faceball for Virtual Boy got released earlier this year, it was a great day for Virtual Boy fans. There was a little not so perfect detail, though: The obtained prototype was only about 80% complete. Months of work later, thunderstruck has finally finished hacking the bits and bytes out of Faceball to finish things where Bulletproof Software left off. The hack, called “Faceball: Remastered”, features many improvements and fixes, which let it look very much like a finished game.

  • 56 unique levels (half of them designed by Benjamin Stevens) instead of the original 14 demo levels
  • Hidden Faceball enemy reactivated
  • Hidden Menu Image reactivated
  • Hidden Music reactivated
  • Improved controls with strafing
  • Debug menu disabled
  • New non-Japanese Faceball title screen logo
  • New and fixed text in credits

Wanna check it out? Have a look at this thread!


The final version of FacEdit, the level editor developed specially for Faceball: Remastered, will also be released soon, so everybody can create their own levels.

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