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I’m finally done. I have to admit I didn’t put allot of work into this in the last couple of month. I was simply busy with other stuff and I will be even more busy in the near future. However, I wanted to push this out before things go too crazy.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who jumped on board to make this game possible. It was the first time I received so much support from the community (without even asking for it). You guys rock!

Here is what changed since the original demo-game:

– 56 unique levels (half of them designed by Benjamin Stevens) instead of the original 14 demo levels
– Hidden Faceball enemy reactivated
– Hidden Menu Image reactivated
– Hidden Music reactivated (instead of the same song over and over again)
– Improved controls (deal with it)
– disabled debug menu (thanks to HorvatM)
– Faceball start-logo (thanks to Morintari and RunnerPack for providing the source image for free)
– New text in credits (without typos)
– Level editor to change all of this stuff (if BPS would have had a tool like that they would have finished the game)
– Maybe some other stuff I can’t think of right now

I don’t know if there will be a card release. If there is one I will not earn any money on it. My cut can be used to buy cards for future repos.

Ben and I playtested all levels. However, I didn’t test the final game completely. Also keep in mind that this is my first ROM hack. So if you find glitches or stuff just post them here and I will see if it can be fixed.

Other then that: Have fun playing!

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VBmills wrote:
Just spent the past two hours playing this and now the mrs is having a go at me!
Now this is how the game should have been if released, you guys have made a game that was just ok and turned it into one of the best version than on any other system. Great level designs and fair game play but it is no walk in the park, you really need to think about what your doing or they will come from behind and get you!
Brilliant work guys. Thanks very much.

Thank you.

Dreammary wrote:
That’s so cool, I wish I could get one but alas I can not.

I’m a little confused. Did you get rid of the FlashBoy+ that you have listed in your collection? If not, you can also play this game by loading the released ROM to your FlashBoy+.

No I still have the Flash Boy+ but I meant the reproduction are just to expensive to be worth purchasing. If they were cart only, I’d buy them because that’s reasonable.

i am not a collector, i am a gamer. for me, this means that i have no desire to own the reproduction box or other materials that come along with it. i am aware that completed they do make a really nice package. i probably would enjoy owning them, but after thumbing through the manual, the set would go in a drawer and not see the light of day for years. in these regards, i also feel the reproduction package is highly priced, because i would be buying something i couldn’t fully appreciate.

i would like it if a reduced cost cart only option was offered at some point. perhaps a PDF of the manual/hint books could be offered via e-mail to those that purchase a cart only solution?

the future of vb reproductions is looking bright, and it would be great if that future offered something for every type of gamer.

Not to derail the thread but:

I know awhile ago I talked to tusk about releasing the files for the boxes/manuals after we were done producing the game. He was up for it..but I can’t remember if we set a date after the initial release to do this. I’ll see if he might be interested in selling cart only on his site. I PERSONALLY don’t want to get into it. I see the need, but I can’t handle all of the shipping and keeping track of money and stuff. He’s already stream lined to do it. Took me forever to thank everyone with free proto carts and it was a bit stressful. I can’t picture having a constant flood of stuff like that 🙂


BTW..i was really trying to wait til the cart release to play this game 🙂

Anyone play the game all the way thru yet ? find any problems ect…. ?


The cost of everything (repro CIB) to me is hopefully paying back the big dog who dropped the money for cart in the first place, as well as those who recoded it and designed/produced the materials.

To be honest.

I do purchase stickers/labels and manuals from Uncletusk, but I usually already have a lot of these games already on homemade PCB’s. I’m curious if some of that money goes to the buyer. I took minestorm’s design and modified it to allow me to use smaller chips (not 27c302’s). I’ll release the PCB design in the future, if Minestorm doesn’t mind as it was 90% his design.

I have a question.. Is the debug mode and the Arena the same thing? If so, why did you remove it, it was pretty cool as a “offline multiplayer with bots”-kind of thing

No they were different. The debug mode was a cheat menu..that’s gone. The arena mode never was fully coded. We weren’t going to be able to re-code it and put it into the game. So, that selection was removed.


Did I miss the cart release or is this still just DL only? I think I want this version over the proto version and would prefer a cart depending on price.

DPsx7 wrote:
Did I miss the cart release or is this still just DL only? I think I want this version over the proto version and would prefer a cart depending on price.

No, you didn’t miss this game’s cart release. The next game that is going to get a cart release on Uncle Tusk’s site is the English version of SD Gundam Dimension War. After that, Faceball: Remastered should get its cart release. That might not be for another couple months, though.

Oh. I don’t know a thing about Gundam. Guess it’ll be a long wait.

I know we’re quite a few months away from a release, but we’re thinking about starting on the production side of things. Has anyone found any bugs …or any other problems with the rom ? We’d like to start flashing and building the boards soon. This is just a double check to make sure we’re using the final build 🙂


Has someone found any glitches or bugs in this version?


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