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The wait is already over, bigmak hereby releases the ROM dump of his Niko-Chan Battle (aka Faceball) prototype for everyone’s enjoyment! If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, please scroll down two news posts for the (short) full story.

Bigmak is now accepting donations a well. Unlike previously stated, there will not be any complete-in-box reproductions given out in return for donations, due to a lot of bad feedback received from people who simply did not understand what this is all about. Instead, the already produced carts will be given out for free! Details will be made known soon.

Let us all show our appreciation and help bigmak to recoup as much of his huge investment as possible! Click the button below to make a donation.

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THANKS A LOT! I will surely be donating at the end of the month, you can guess why then….

Seems I had just enough for a nice donation, as you know, you have it. Great effort bigmak

i call dibs on one of the ‘free carts’ … just be sure to let me know how much of a donation it is going to take. I don’t want it as a ROM – I want a full cart.

Is it possible to call dibs? Is a free cart for people who donate the most? I’m sorry that this wasn’t a full release, but I’ll try to donate something. Good work everyone. 🙂

Donate what you can 🙂 chances are good you’ll get a cart..i’m giving away a bunch.

thank you very much! Today is a great day!!!

Donation SENT.

EDIT : In the Paypal donation is should show as coming from “Gooder Labs LLC” – that’s from me.

I will donate what I can as soon as possible with the hope of getting a full cartridge.
Donation will be made through a friend’s paypal account, as I don’t have any.

Thank you so much for your effort on this, man. I could love to toss my name into the hat for a cartridge wherever possible and I’ll surely donate to help you out as well.

Great job BigMak. Donation sent! Thanks very much!

I’m glad to see this finally happening. I hope everybody has fun playing the ROM. A big THANKS goes to Bigmak for making this possible. Donation has been made.

wow, even the carts are free now?! count me in! i’m sending a donation right now, i was planning on buying them when they were done! :thumpup: :thumpup: :thumpup: :thumpup: :thumpup:

This entire series of events, from purchase to release, is the type of story that eventually gets printed in a history of video games book. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the participants and this site mentioned in some publication 10 years from now.

The community can say thanks all they want but we can never thank you enough for what you did. Someone once described the Virtual Boy as the “little system that could” and to this day I continue to believe that. This release helps us to see just 1 more example of what might have come from generation-2 software, making this an exceptional treat for all.

So once again, Thanks!

Possibly on Wikipedia until some moderator with strict interpretations of various rules comes and deletes the entire passage. 😉

I’ll be happy to donate before the end of the month (that’s when people get their salary).

Nevermind that the ROM says V^TETRIS and that it’s repeated twice in the downloadable file. It’s supposed to be that way.

BTW, Editor sucks, if you accidentally (and not accidentally as well) press preview all your enters are changed into code and aren’t changed back when posting – I’m leaving them just to show it.

Donation sent!

Thanks for making the ROM available. I know this was a huge sacrifice on your part BigMak

I never thought we’d see the day that the ROM of this was released, and now everyone can finally play it. Thanks for sharing this bigmak. I’m going to put some money in the bank, and try to donate by the end of the week. Thanks again for sharing this long lost game with everyone.

Donation SENT.

Thanks Again

THANKS Bigmak for making this possible.
A dream comes true 😛
I will be donating at the end of the week…so many bills this month… 🙁

The originally posted 16MBit ROM was overdumped and contained the same ROM twice. I have replaced it with a clean 8MBit version.

Did the double rom work directly on the FlashBoy?
The 8Mbit version needs to be patched to work there then?

@e5frog: yep


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