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Since Google was for no help, I thought I would ask the experts.

So, I recently bought a factory sealed Virtual Boy game (NTSC of course), and the back side of the box was slightly pushed inward.

My question now is: is this sign of a fake factory seal/home made shrink wrap, or is there any other explanation for this such as storage? This would also be good to know in case it has nothing to do with being a fake.

BTW I’ve seen a few other copies on eBay with the same issue.

I hope my questions are welcome and not boring you guys.

Thank you in advance!

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Its just the box fatiguing over the years from the shrink wrap being so tight. Only thing to look for on US sealed games is the H seam on the back and a hang tag (which is common to fall off). Japanese games were never sealed so use your best judgment when someone lists it as brand new.


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