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Wondering what common failures there can be on the main Virtual Boy PCB? I have a VB where I thought resoldering the ribbon cables would fix the display issue and it fixed them about 80% but I have some artifacts on the screen. I thought maybe the resoldering repair job was poor but I took my friends VB PCB and swapped it into my VB and the displays are perfect no artifacts, so forsure it’s the main PCB. Maybe ram? Maybe the main CPU? Not sure yet… wondering what other failure points can occur other then the ribbon cables connection failure that results in display issues, and if there is any way to fix it? Is there someone in this forum that has enough knowledge, experience and expertise to look at something like this? Thanks guys!

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I would start with checking the voltage regulator DC-DC (the black epoxy board sticking out). See if you have a steady 5v.
Next, visually inspect for any liquid damage, then start diode checking VRAM…


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