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anyone knew about this first Nintendo 3D project for famicom???


and what about the games for nes with good old blue/red 3D glasses, like this???


3DS is not the first… but even Virtual Boy is not the first Nintendo attempt!!! 😀

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Yeah, 3D has been attempted on lots of video game related stuff (Famicom and Sega Master System with shutter glasses, Vectrex with the 3D color wheel, etc)… but typically it was an add-on, only used for a small set of games.

The VB was the first “3D only” gaming console that I know of… and I think that’s what the big deal about the 3DS is. Rather than just being a cool add-on with limited support… they’re pushing 3D as the main feature.


I would like to try the NES games with 3d… like 3d worldrunner, or rad racer.
Do you know wich kind of 3d glasses i need?

I believe they just need the standard red/blue anaglyph glasses. AFAIK the NES never had any actual 3D peripheral hardware like the Famicom’s shutter glasses.

Depending on your TV, color settings, etc… you may want to try both red/blue and red/cyan to find which works best for you.



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