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One game I would really like to see is something like the Segagaga game for Sega Dreamcast meaning you add fan service but in this case Virtual Boy fanservice instead of Sega fanservice
Gameplay can be whetever and doesnt have to be RPG like Segagaga

Could be anything from: enemies or a boss runs out of batteries when fighting him, enemies are virtual boys that attack by making your eyes red, enemies shoot out VB games, a boss that starts to get glitched screens as you attack him, 2 enemies link together using the homebrew link cable, virtual boy enemy chases you but the plastic stand is of bad quality so it breaks and the enemy falls, adding characters and enemies from VB games including homebrew…
Things like that that really only VB fans with understand

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That would be amazing. I picture it now, I bet it would feel like a scenario to test your knowledge about the Virtual Boy! I picture showing some of my family members and them probably not understanding it as I would. That would be cool, I definitely would like to see that.


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