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Shoot I just got it! Something that I can easily do with a 3d modelling program and would be a fun game for the virtual boy. I am a big fan of faceball I especially like the gb version. I would love to see it on the vb but the prototype never got any farther then that.

So what if we make one? Similar style with our own programming stuff in. I can easily do all the graphics for it and stereoscope them. I can have 8 views of all the different enemies or more then that for that matter all stereoscoped. I just need the VB palette and I’m ready to go. Anyone up for this? I’m pumped I think it’d be a great idea. I’ve been wanting to make a Faceball mod for Wolf3d but I think this would be better. I’d be willing to design maps and stuff too.


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The VB doesn’t have an actual default palette, just 4 (well, 3 + transparent) you can set the value of.

IIRC the shading is a follows:
BG Colour = either 1 of the 4 colours.
Colour 1 = transparent
Colour 2 = 0 to 127
Colour 3 = 0 to 127
Colour 4 = Colour 2 + 3 + 4

As I don’t have a flash cart, I have yet to try anytihng on VB. I just tend to use the standard (or what the emu outputs as standard) Windows greyscale.


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