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OK, so I downloaded gccVB 1.0 an the VB programming intro, made some changes, and tried to compile it with MAKE.BAT according to the readme file, but it just gives a truckload of messages saying the file demo.c couldn’t be found. What am I doing wrong?

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Try the second gccVB release, which I used to write the demo. It probably won’t work with gccVB 1.0.

But that one has to be compiled, right?

No. There are three releases of gccVB, and only the third one has to be compiled. Try using gccVB CVS 06-20-05.

Note to myself: this info belongs in the demo, need to update it.

I found out that in MAKE.BAT, the path “C:\GCCVB” was hardcoded in (and I don’t have it there), so that was the root cause of all problems. I haven’t tried compiling anything yet, but I think it should work.

Actually, everything works fine if you put everything into C:\GCCVB. Why, I don’t know.
So the lesson for all people planning VB programming: never put gccVB anywhere else than C:\GCCVB!


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