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Hi all,

I’m from the UK, and after many, many years I finally managed to get a Virtual Boy, and at a reasonable price too!

I have the following games in my collection (All Japanese):
Insmouse No Yakata
Mario Clash
Vertical Force

So far I’m really impressed with the system, and even moreso with the 3D effects – It truly is the jewel of my collection of consoles.

Can anyone suggest any other games that might be worth searching for? I definately want to track down a copy of WarioLand 🙂

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i hate you lol. wario land is a must, telro boxer is a good one too

I love Virtual bowling and space invaders but are really expansief games to buy.

warioland is also a must have and good to find for not to much money


I really enjoy both Red Alarm and Galactic Pinball, and would add those to your list of must-have-games.

Congrats on getting a virtual boy you should definately try getting galatic pinball, mario tennis,red alarm,virtual league baseball, really you cant go wrong just stay away from waterworld.

…and of course the great SPACE SQUASH !!
Great underrated Game I think !!
Congrats 2 your VB ! Welcome to the Club ! 🙂

congratz on getting a virtual boy!

i have to agree with badboybubby. get space squash!! great fun! although its a tad expensive im sure it shouldnt bother you if you’ve got insmouse!!

Also get V-Tetris! It’s addicting and fun!


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