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Interesting, but how is this first person? I expected it would be like seeing the playfield from the falling block.

That was fun!

Only negative feedback I have is that it’s nice that the glare on blocks changes when you turn the blocks, but it should glare softly around the block when you rotate and not in steps only glaring in the corners.

I’ll go one more time before I fix the dinner…

Laugh out loud! VB has never given me a headache… this did after 3 lines.

That’s pretty funny… kinda reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/user/franklynews#p/u/1/iRM0Q8QCelA … a local Realtor which does a video blog with a camera attached to his steering wheel.


Good fun! By chance, I’ve started to play in night mode and it’s surprising!

KR155E wrote:


That game really is neat, but I seriously felt like throwing up after making it to the second level.

very cool! why doesnt it have the tetris theme song tho? :/


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