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I just got me a virtual boy off ebay and unfortunately I don’t have a game to test it yet. But i’m wondering, if I power it on without a game inserted in the virtual boy will something display on the screen or will it just be black.

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If you turn the Virtual Boy on without a game it won’t display anything. You’ll need a game if you want to test it.

Will the virtual boy at least make any noise or sounds if it’s powered up? I ask because the virtual boy I bought didn’t come with any games to test it with and I’m waiting on some games to come that I ordered separtely. Just wondering if my virtual boy is broken. Thanks for the reply!

It won’t make any sound effect as such, but if you switch it on and listen very, very closely, then you might be able to hear something on the inside of the unit whirring. As I say, it’s very quiet, and I’m not sure if it might give an indication to whether the unit works completely. You’ll probably just have to wait for your games 😉 .

Alright, thanks a lot for the replies!

Might I also add that (when you do get games for your system), sometimes if the cartridge isn’t inserted all the way, the VB won’t detect it and will give you said black screen. As MutePanic said, though, there -is- this faint but diagnostic “whirring” sound that you can hear if you listen closely enough, and if your vision’s exceptional, you can even see the LED mirrors start spinning if you look into the VB the right way. That’s one way to know everything’s in good working order without a game even being in the system. 😀


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