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Is there a flashboy or similar program that works with mac’s?

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no, currently there’s no loader version for mac. if you know someone who has experience coding for macs, maybe we could port the loader, though?

EDIT: people say that the loader runs on macs when using boot camp. 🙂

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Yess! It works on Mac, using Suns Virtual Box -> http://www.virtualbox.org/ … hence the name, right 😉

All you need to do is setup a Windows (XP, for best) and the rest is a simple as setting your virtual xp to hibernation. Whenever you want to put a rom on your Flashboy it is a task of seconds, instead of rebooting you machine, switch to windows, install a game and than reboot to get back on the light sight of things, namely Mac OS.

I setup a shared folder that is mounted on the windows side. Putting roms in there (links doesn’t work) makes the file transfer between mac and xp very easy and confortable. Here’s a tutorial on how to set it up:

Note that you will have to choose the USB Port where FlashBoy is connected in the Virtual Box settings and unplug and replug it when XP has booted.

I haven’t tried Fusion nor Parallels. Both feature a good coherend mode where windows runs transparently on you mac desktop. I believe it is eating up way too much resources (RAM, CPU) for such a small task, besides that both cost a couple of bucks. Virtual Box is free, though.


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