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I have just finished modelling the stand in 3D, an animation of the parts assembling is zipped here. I do need to check the dimensions i have are accurate but visually looks good. (just spotted the main moulding that grips the VB has some detail missing for where the leaf spring fits, i will have to rectify that)
Gonna start work on the head unit or controller next.
Hope y’all like it. πŸ˜€

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wow, this looks fantastic! can’t wait to see the whole system! πŸ™‚

That is so weird…

Just last night I started modelling the little leg retention/Nintendo medallion thingy so that I could CNC machine a replacement for my broken one!

I guess I’ll just wait for you to release yours (which I assume and hope you are) and hope it’s in a format I can use. (STL, DXF, or SKP are preferable, in order of descending preference).

The animation looks great! You should post that on youtube so n00bs know how to assemble their stands πŸ˜‰

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Thanks, glad its liked and hope its usefull.
Good call on the youtube posting, tho’ I have never posted to youtube, if anyone wants to do it thats fine by me.

Hey runnerpack i will send you a model over, i have had the same thought on that part, I was thinking an aluminium replacement might work but would probably need some spring ball screws for the leg position retention. I did notice mine is cracked, just as the legs are almost in out posn, moving over the pressed bumps on the bracket, so if you can let me know how you get on with a remake that would be cool.

I can’t watch it, WMP crashes and even VLC shows just a grey image :/
Does it use some special codec?
It looks good on the thumbnail preview in explorer though πŸ™‚

Hey DanB, its just an avi I outputted from Solidworks, don’t think it needs special codecs, has anyone else had this problem?
It says it uses Microsoft Video 1 compression. I have WMP 9 which plays it, not tried on my home laptop, which don’t have solidworks on, i will have a go later.

Thanks, Hedgetrimmer. I can’t wait to see it.

Yes, I was also thinking about aluminum, but I hadn’t thought about improvements to the mechanism other than the added strength. You’re right about needing some kind of spring, since it won’t flex (or crack :-P) like the OEM one does.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “spring ball screws”. My idea is to put springs under the heads of the screws to allow the medallion (do you have a better name for this thing?) to move as the legs go over the detent bumps. I attached a pic.

Black is the clamp, red is the medallion, green is the screw, blue is the spring, and magenta is the leg. From left to right it is folded, half-way open, and open/standing.

Another idea would be to make the inside just a bit thicker than stock, grind off the bumps, and use threaded lugs and wing nuts instead of screws. It would take longer to open/close, but it would be sturdier when open.


Video works fine for me on my XP laptop w/ WMP9. I’m gonna try to get this center piece printed out on a 3D printer (in whatever material they think would be most suitable… probably something somewhat flexible, but strong)… hopefully they’ll be able to do it for me.


DogP: What kind(s) of 3D printer(s) do you have access to? Most 3D printers can only do one or a small range of materials. Plastic would be okay if it has about the same properties (strength, flexibility) of the original ABS. Stereolithography would probably work.

I’m just doing regular subtractive machining. I’m probably going to mill the prototype in wax and use that for either a green sand mold for aluminum or a silicone mold for excalibur (a resin-like plaster product).

DanB: You should get Media Player Classic. It sounds like you have the codec, since preview works.

virtualboyke: Did you ever get my request for a copy of your VB model? You should just attach a copy to that other thread.

EDIT: Sorry, virtualboyke. I just found your mail…

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I don’t remember the actual model of the printer off hand, but I know it supports at least a couple types of plastic (I’ve seen black and white things printed by it).


Well, I was going for just a general description of the process or what the completed objects look like.

E.g. does it melt plastic powder together with a laser? Does it glue powder together with an inkjet? Does it cut sheets of plastic and laminate them together? Does it extrude the plastic from a nozzle? That sort of thing.

Whatever it is, it will probably make a part at least as good as the original; probably better… πŸ˜‰


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