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Well what do you think about the flashboy?
-Nice box
-Easy to use
-You get everything when you buy the product
-Usefull if you want to make games

-Nesters funky bowling wont work on my flashboy
-Small cd instead of normal size cd=harder to put in the computer cd drive
-Takes a bit to long to load each game (about 2 min/game)
-A bit to expensive considering you can only play 22 games and about 10 homebrew

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> -Nesters funky bowling wont work on my flashboy

Looks like you’ve got a bad dump. Try another dump from somewhere else.

Yea, in response to Akumie, I have just tried one rom of Nester and no luck, but the 2nd rom worked just fine (nice graphics too!). Remember there is also Virtual Bowling if you are desparte for a bowling fix.

Including the size of the CD as being a negative point is being a bit pedantic I think, as once it is installed, thats it! And a bigger CD may not fit in the box correctly and have increased the cost even more!!! Yes, the Flash Boy is a lot more expensive that other systems (GBA/DS) flash cards/cartridges but to play Space Invaders, Virtual Bowling, Virtual Lab and SD Gundam would cost you far, far more!! And no, using an emulator doen’t count!

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already played all vb games exept Nesters funky bowling and that game wont work on the flashboy even thought I have tried like 6 diffrent roms, including from this site
Not even on emulator does it work

The other thing is that what I wrote was just my thoughts on the flashboy, so if you want you can write your thoughts but I wont agreee since I already wrote what I think

exept Nesters funky bowling and that game wont work on the flashboy even thought I have tried like 6 diffrent roms

Do you want me to take a look at the cart ?

not really, its not like Nesters funky bowling is my top 50 fav games to play, some day ill maybe be able to play it but until then I got 20+ games to finish

i need to check if the nester’s funky bowling rom i have works on a flashboy and maybe replace it with a working one.

newer flashboys come with standard sized cds, they fit perfectly in vb boxes.

there’s a flashboy forum for posts about flashboy, btw… so… moved.

I’ve just send in a working rom of Nesters Funky Bowling for the Flashboy!

Received mine today (batch October 2009) and although it is rather costly for so few games it has a collector’s resale value close (if not higher) than what you paid. Remember all those Bung flash carts that were all over the place a few years ago? You can unload them for a good price now on ebay and seeing there’s not so many Flashboys made up to now, you can always find someone to sell them to.

Mine works fine, came with a cd that has everything: manuals, programs etc, in a nice box. Takes around 1-2 mins for each game to copy (which isn’t that long really) and no errors were found so far.

yeah the flashboy was a bit expensive but since I loved the flashboy and so badbly wanted to try all the games I just had to buy it

Evem if so few games were made there is still hope that the flashboy might be used for some nice new homebrew game 😛

Few games?

You can put anything on it, even make your own and if new roms are found or made you’re the first ones that can try them…

… few games, there are few games for the Virtual Boy that’s it, it’s about the same for the Fairchild Channel F but a lot more homebrews for the VB.


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