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So I have a FlashBoy+ that works flawlessly on the following:

Stock console
VirtualTap modded console

When I add the servo emulator to the VirtualTap setup, carts work but not the FlashBoy+ (just get a frozen static screen). However, if I disconnect the main power from the console and supply the FlashBoy+ power via USB, everything powers up and the Rom on the FlashBoy+ boots up.

Any idea what could be causing this? It looks like it must be power/servo emulator related.


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I know this post is nearing a year old, but I recently ran into the same issue. I have a Flashboy+ that works on two Virtual Boys. One of them had a lot of aesthetic and mechanical issues that couldn’t be resolved so it became a good candidate for consolization. However, once I consolized it, my Flashboy+ stopped working but real games worked just fine. I get a red screen with unmoving static exactly as you do if you do not have a game inserted. I too suspected the servo emulator as the source of the problem. I asked Furrtek if he knew anything about it but I never got an answer and I have not found one person so far that has a Flashboy+ and has a consolized VB nor could I find any info on it. Alterac, on the PVB Discord, found and linked me to this post.

I will be receiving my Hyperflash here soon and I do know it works just fine with a consolized VB.


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