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Hey guys I want to get a 3ds and be new pokemon game, it would be great if someone would be down to trade. I have a CIB Insmouse copy looking for 150 with shipping. Sooner is better haha.

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Right price, but wrong timing! 🙁 Wish I could go in on that for you. I hope you sell it soon!

No problem man haha, I still love VB and im keeping mine I just figured since I want to get a flash cart one day it might not be my last time playing this one.

For anyone else whos interested I forgot to mention that I can take Paypal or bitcoins I guess if anyone uses those :p

umm.. still have this? I am interested. pm me, please.

Dollars, pounds or euros?

2 posts total, and the last time he logged in was 10/2013…

i got a 3ds and what pokemon game u want to trade for

If your deal with drunkencat doesn’t go through, please PM me!

drunkencat wrote:
i got a 3ds and what pokemon game u want to trade for

I posted, first.. so, ultimately I get first dibs.

see my previous comment, I am in line before Drunken.


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