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$80, plus shipping depending on where you live.

Blockbuster hardshell case in great conidtion. Foam inside is in great condition.

Price: $80 ()

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Hmm… 80$ is pretty high. Anything to trade it for?

GabrielHanson2000, it’s not so polite to spam other people’s selling threads. Either $75 from that Goat store or $80 from a forum member is a fantastic price for a Blockbuster case, if the stickers are in good shape. If you stopped to notice, GoatStore lists it as having a poor label.

Unless someone is selling counterfeit items, or is a known scammer, please be a gentleman and mind your own business if you aren’t interested in an item posted in the PVB Marketplace.

Anyway, if the label is good, please send me a PM jojo. Thanks. 🙂


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