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just wanted to mention that I find two things very annoying. First of all, marking sub-forums read never displays the sub-forums’ names at all.
For some reason or other half the page is in English and the rest is in German for me anyway…

So it reads:

Wenn die Seite nicht automatisch neu lädt, klicken Sie bitte HIER.

Also, I marked all forums read yesterday, but upon login in today (auto-login still broken or broken again?!), all forums that had new posts yesterday were marked as unread again…

Secondly, can the post preview actually show posts like the forum would display them?
Currently you just get the same text (formatted of course, i.e. bold, italics etc.), but not the forum layout displayed with it. That way, you pretty much don’t know how a post will turn out once submitted, because huge chunks of text that look unpleasant the eye are reduced to two lines of text anyway, while with proper forum styling, you could make out bad wording and run-on sentences right away!

So yeah, just some constructive criticism – or at least I hope it is constructive 😛



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That’s all problems with the Xoops system, so there’s not much I can do without massive hacks. When I have two or so full free days, I’ll probably have to update to the latest Xoops and forum module versions anyway, in case there’s no easier way to fix the auto login issue. We can only hope that said problems no longer apply with the newer versions.

Maybe one of these is more efficient, more powerful, more extensible, or easier to maintain?

Ouch! I can’t really go through the trouble to learn a new CMS and port all my custom modules over. I also tried Mambo and Drupal before I chose Xoops due to the easy way of creating my own modules. I think if the few issues there are with Xoops are fixed with the new releases, it’s still perfect. I know that at least the auto login made it into the Core now. I have to check it out soon…


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