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I just found out that forum member morintari is in the hospital. I don’t have any other details at this time, but I’ll keep this thread updated as I hear more.

PVB is almost a second home to him, so I know he would appreciate being kept in your thoughts and prayers, as well as any kind words you may wish to send.

Thanks for reading.

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Oh no! I sure hope it’s nothing serious. Please keep us posted and send him well wishes from me. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

Finding out about this has me very worried, especially since no details are known, and thus, I can only fear the worst. I will certainly continue to keep him in my prayers.

I wish him all the best and I hope he gets well soon. Please keep us updated.

I’ll think positive and hope that it’s nothing serious. Please send morintari my best wishes when you can, RunnerPack! May he get well and out of the hospital soon.

Oh no, I hope its nothing to serious. I wish you all the best morintari, hope you have you family and friends to support you at this time.
Thanks Runnerpack and please keep us updated.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it when he’s able to get back to the site.

I’ve learned that it’s just a relatively minor issue with side-effects of some medications he’s taking, combined with stress. They’re changing some of his meds and keeping him under observation for a few days.

Uh oh, going to the hospital is never fun. Hope all is well and a speedy recovery!

I hope he feels better. He will be kept in my prayers.

only the best to morintari! Get back soon m8!

Get back soon sir! I wish you the best!

I hope he understands all the good wishes headed his way 🙂 Doesn’t seem right to log in and not see him here.

Get well better! Good to hear it is nothing life threatening.

Hope everything works out morintari. Get well soon. I know a little bit about medication side effects so I hope the doctors get it straightened out soon.

Best wishes.

Glad it’s not anything too serious. I also would like to extend best wishes to him and his family.

Scary stuff, but glad it’s not too serious. Best wishes to a speedy recovery!

I hope he’ll be okay!

Best wishes

Same here, wishing all the best for our fellow VB fan, get well soon fella.

Hi Gang I’m back Ya know you never know how many friends you have till something like this happens and you realize you have friends…Lots of them. I really have to thank RunnerPack for my posts. Thank you RunnerPack! Things have changed some for the good and some for the bad. I’ve changed my diet lifestyle and focus. I appreciate all of the prayers , warm thoughts and well wishes. Thank you my VB family.

Welcome back. Hope all is well.

Glad to see you back !

(let me do that project for you)


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