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My brothers friend has a virtual boy with 10 games, and hes giving the 10 games and an ac adapter/tap to me, FOR FREE!!!!!!!

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nice that you mention it here.. :/ . i will also some gifts.. :vbsmile:

You lucky bastard, heh :-):woah:

What games did you get? And what condition?


I haven’t gotten them yet but when I do, the list will be up on my website.


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I got,

1. Wario Land
2. 3-D Tetris
3. Galactic Pinball
4. Mario Clash
5. Red Alarm
6. Teleroboxer

He told me he had 10 games, 🙁 oh well, at least they were free!

Each game is in good condition, with the GamePak cover, but none of the games have manuals, or boxes.

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