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From August 21st to 24th, we will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany, the biggest and most important videogame expo in whole Europe! At the booth of Dreamcast-Petition.com and Lik-Sang, we’ll show the Virtual Boy to the visitors and inform them about recent happenings straight from the VB scene.

If everything turns out well, we will be able to show playable versions of “Blox”, “Simon” and “Tron VB”; the last one will be playable by 2 players simultaneously using a homemade link cable! We also plan to show some other homebrew games and demos including titles in development on an emulator. We’ll also have a very early alpha version of “Mario VB” (tentative Title), on which DogP and KR155E are currently working together, to show.

Big thanks go out to DogP, who was so kind to provide us with the reprogrammable carts! Maybe we met up in Leipzig, you can find us in Hall 3, Booth A21, directly in front of the Ubi Soft and Eidos booths. For all who stay at home, we will have live updates and lots of pictures.

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