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Hey everyone,

as some of you already know I’m doing my own limited run for the English version of Space Invaders. I created exactly 10 of these.
5 are already pre-ordered by Patreons and supporters. I’m keeping one for myself and might put one on eBay (not sure about that yet). So there are only 3-4 left. I have another 10 empty carts and could potentially make more. However, I think I would rather do another game… we will see.

The release includes:
– A custom made, numbered box
– The game cart (English version). The precaution screen is removed and says thunderstruck edition
– Custom label on the game cart
– A protector case
– White insert (modified Game Boy insert)
– You can choose a unique greeting message which I will put on the first screen (an example is attached). I can even put a picture there as long as it’s not too complex

The price is 100$ + shipping (insured and tracked). Please be aware that I’m shipping from Germany. Shipping to the US is about 15$ (you can check prices here: https://www.dhl.de/de/privatkunden/pakete-versenden/online-frankieren.html?type=ShipmentEditorProductSelection).

All money earned will go towards future projects of mine. So, if you want to support me you can feel free to pay a little more and be sure the money is used for the good of this community. You can also support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thunderstruckProjects

If you want one please send me a PM. I decided to prioritize active community users over new members. Meaning that someone like speedyink will get one for the regular price rather then a “one post user” who wants to give me 500$.

I will also make a post somewhen this month detailing how I made this run. Meaning, I will show how to make boxes, labels, inserts and so on. This will hopefully spark more developer-driven runs like this one.


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Mine just arrived today, thank you Thunderstruck!!

Got more labels today. Will prepare the final copies over the weekend. I have one person not responding, so there might be one last chance if someone still wants one.

Really like the customization options. Very unique.

I agree, it was a very cool idea

speedyink wrote:
I agree, it was a very cool idea

Yours is my favorite, the conversion turned out so great.

If you are waiting for one of the remaining games please check you PMs.

thunderstruck wrote:
Yours is my favorite, the conversion turned out so great.

It really did! Looks perfect on the VB display

Excited to get this 🙂

All of them are gone btw.

All of them are gone btw.


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