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I have a spare Virtual Boy unit and my wife already told me she doesn’t want to do any 2 player action (also don’t have the link cable anyways).

Working unit in great condition. I also have the original box and a manual as well. The box has wear but still looks pretty good and can display well on the shelf! Some warping but the whole front portion looks good, some wear on the corners. The manual has some wrinkles and a slight rip in one corner but nothing is missing. The box doesn’t have the inner cardboard piece however.

Also includes Mario Tennis cartridge and manual and Wario Land cartridge. I just finally found a good sized box today so I can finally ship this thing. Will be packed very well before shipment!

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Wouldn’t let me edit the title or the post for some reason. But it is $180 shipped in the USA

SOLD locally, ok to close as I can’t figure out how to!


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