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So I finally get a package I’ve been waiting for, which had Panic Bomber inside. Then, i tried to read the manual, and surely enough, just like V-Tetris, it was ENTIRELY in Japanese. I tried the first setting and, after losing a couple times, beat the final boss 2-1 with a final time of 23:29. This is my first time playing it. My foot was asleep after playing it, so I couldn’t walk very well, and wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally stepped on the box. I didn’t hurt it very much, only the corner is damaged, but still, it makes me so mad that you can’t just strap the thing on your head and play it that way.

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panic bomber is a pretty fun game. it sucks that you stepped on it though.

Like I said, I didn’t hurt the box very much. I tried to play it again and couldn’t get to the final boss without losing, and this is on the very easy setting (at least I think it’s on the very easy setting, it’s all in Japanese.) I think the CPU is difficult to beat on the last boss setting. Also, there should have been a mode where you can just go at it alone for points. That would have been cool.


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