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Who is the idiot that set the high scores at 30,000,000? And who is the idiot who programmed it so it doesn’t save your highest score unless you reach some insane, impossible-to-get -for-me high score? Didn’t they know that there are actually some people that would suck at the game? I think the highest I’ve ever gotten was about 2 million, of course I’ll never know because it won’t save scores that low!

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Lol, 30,000,000 isn’t really all that much in this game. Just look at the high score section of this site and you’ll see many people with higher score than that. I guess you just need to start sucking less 😉

I suck at it too, though one of my scores is good enough to be on this site (Cosmic, 12,935,000). But I still find it fun (better than Wario Land) because it’s an arcade game and I can’t get tired of its great graphics (I love staring at the title screen) and music.

Believe it or not, but I used to think like that in the beginning as well. Look at the highscores I set ;). Just keep on believing!


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