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Quick question for anyone out there who might have an answer. Does anyone know how to erase/reset the highscores in Galactic Pinball. I love that this is one of the few VB games with a save function, but I would like to be able to erase the game’s history and start fresh. I’d appreciate any help on this.

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Heh… FINALLY someone else had this problem. AFAIK Galactic Pinball doesn’t have any option to erase. I made a page on this: http://home.comcast.net/~virtual.boy/projectvb/tech/erasesram.html . I’d recommend doing the 3rd option, since it’s really easy to do and you don’t need to open the cart. I’ve never had any problem damaging the cart doing this, but just do it quickly, since it’s probably possible to damage it. The other options aren’t particularly safe either… if you heat the lithium battery too much (by desoldering it), it can explode… and if you short the battery, you can also damage the battery (and shorten the life of the battery).


Thanks DogP. It’s kind of annoying when you can’t erase the save data on a game. I may try one of your methods, I was more interested in finding out if there was some method of doing it in the software and you’ve answered that for me. I couldn’t find any literature on it, but I know that some Nintendo games have some hard to find bizzare button combos that are needed to erase data. I knew someone here would be able to tell me what I needed to know, thanks again!


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