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I’m looking to get boxes for my virtual boy games and am looking to buy some if any are willing to sell~ I don’t really care as much for the booklet and other inserts (but of course doesn’t hurt and would be willing to buy as well) and am mainly after the box itself and the white cardboard cradle the games came in~ Games I need boxes for are:

Wario Land (US)
Red Alarm (US)
Teleroboxer (US)
Mario Clash (US)
Jack Bros. (US)
Insmouse no Yakata
Mario’s Tennis (US)

The last three I know will be pricier, so I will also ask for Mario’s Tennis Japanese box, and for any game box really, but I would prefer the American~

So if you have any spare boxes out there, and are willing to sell them, PM me with an offer for me to consider~ Thanks!

P.S. If you have any dust covers, I would also be glad to buy some (I need 3)

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