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Inspired by yesterday’s new version of Dragon Dorin, enthusi and I have had a quick hacking session today and created a “whitelabel” patch for M.K.’s Game Boy Emulator, which removes some elements like the Game Boy-themed border.

This allows anyone without coding abilities to create pseudo Virtual Boy homebrews akin to Dragon Dorin using GB Studio, which look as close as possible to native Virtual Boy games.

Here’s what the patch does:

  • Removes Game Boy-themed border
  • Skips game selection menu by auto loading first game
  • Renames “GAMEBOY EMULATOR 0.3” on options dialog to “O P T I O N S”

Get it here.

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This is incredible. I feel very motivated to learn GB Studio now.

Great idea!

the potential is truly amazing.
I took a Gameboy game that runs well with the emulator (Tetris), go through the rominjector.exe then “withelabel” patch and voila … Tetris for VB!
The ideal would be to be able to optimize the emulator (what a pity that the author no longer worked on the project! What talent !!! Has he published his sources?).
Besides, can you modify the “whitelabel” patch so that the “BG 3D depth” option is already set to 1?
Attached are the files for the HF32 that I created for the game (thanks to the help of Fwow13).
Thanks to all contributors!

That’s super cool, @pkerga! 🙂 It should be easy to preset any options in the patch, gotta check with @enthusi. Just wondering how to handle those. I guess the easiest way would be to produce a separate patch per setting. Maybe the options dialog could then be disabled completely?

For the options, keeping the possibility of moving the “BG 3D depth” seems good to me. I don’t know if more than 2 is necessary. 1 or 2 seems very good to me. In terms of options related to the sound, it does not seem necessary

I agree that it would be great to have the 3D depth enabled by default, but leave the options menu in there so that it can be disabled if the effect doesn’t work well for a particular game.


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