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Does anyone know how to? I can’t get sound in my Game Boy game I’m trying to program. What I need is a good, SIMPLE sample (the one that came in the dev kit is 850 lines long. Hardly simple.) Anyway, you can view my (so far silent) Game Boy game called “Frank the Fruit Fly.” Before I actually make the game, I would like to have music on the title screen. This is day 2 of me fiddling around with Game Boy programming. Who knew it would be so fricking hard?
I’m so frustrated.

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I got sound working on my Game Boy game, plus yesterday I solved the text problem I was having. The game I’m making here is an exploration game where the main objective is to find the mansion’s exit (which could be hard for a fruit fly to do). There’s only one screen so far, though, but you can talk to the toilet by hovering over it and pressing the A button.


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