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List of Game IDs
List of manufacturer IDs

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Hmmm… Panic Bomber has “h2” and Vertical Force has “h3″… was Hudson planning to release another game?

Also, what purpose do game IDs serve? And are they case sensitive?

Aah, the h1 mystery… Nobody knows. I wonder if Virtual Bomberman was h1?

Game IDs are unique and can be used to identify a game. The japanese version of Galactic Pinball has the serial VUE-VGPJ-JPN for example:

VUE – System
V – “Virtual Boy?” Not sure, every VB serial has a V here
GP – Game ID
J – In-game Language of the game. J for Japanese in this case.
JPN – Region the game was released in. JPN for Japan in this case.

Serials/Game IDs are not case sensitive.

What does the “PD” stand for in VUE-VBXE-PD stand for?

PD stands for Public Domain. I used that for homebrews, because those were not released in a particular region.

You could also use WWW for World Wide Web. But… whatever.

Good idea for a thread, Chrisse! 😀

What about the two-character manufacturer codes?

I think I always put “AB” in my demos, so I would like to “claim” that one, if you’re going to keep track of them.

Also, I noticed you used “VB2D” for your BLOX 2 demo, even though it supports languages besides “Deutsch”.

Maybe “M” should be used for the last letter, or perhaps a digit specifying the number of languages supported.

Just a thought…

A list of manufacturers codes is a great idea, will do that soon.

The D stands for Demo. 🙂 I would have used G if it was only Deutsch aka german. The final version will be VB2M, with M for Multi Language.

Horvat: I used PD because it is a widely used synonym for homebrews, for example in the Good Tools.

I moved the list to the wiki, also added a list of manufacturer IDs, as RunnerPack suggested.


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