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Hey everyone,

as some of you might already know I started programming a new version of GameHero. This time around I’m trying to build a more worthwhile game. I actually started on this a while ago but had to stop for some time. As my new homeoffice is almost done I managed to add some stuff during the last days.

The current state is as follows:
– Rewrote my music engine
– Rewrote my music converter (midi to vb)
– Rewrote my image converter (adding images is now super easy)
– Wrote image loading code for VB (including unloading of last charset)
– integrated image/music converters into vbde
– wrote a generic tool easily add converters to vbde buildchain
– wrote a basic version of a generator for GameHero related assets
– wrote affine scaling code (as part of libgccvb)
– wrote affine rotation code (as part of libgccvb)
– added a game selection menu to the game (including preview covers)
– added a song selection screen (including music preview play)
– added first gameplay mode (simple button pressing)
– allowed affine effects during gameplay
– add link cable support to libgccvb
– add test screen to test screen for link cable
– stuff I don’t remember right now

Some of the above are not 100% complete but they are in good state. You might also notice that I don’t focus 100% on the game itself but try to improve libgccvb and vbde at the same time. That is to make game development in general a bit easier.

I don’t want to post walls of text every other day so I created a trello board to track my work: https://trello.com/b/YfhwHFfU/gamehero-legends
It doesn’t contain everything that needs to be done but you will get an idea of what I’m working on. That said, I will try to post new stuff here as well.

I should mention that I had someone making graphics for me but he disappeared. So if someone can do pixel-graphics and wants to help please send me a message.

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I am excited to see this updated version of the game. I’d really like to see it more like “Fever Move” on Sport Vii.

lol the sport vii is an abomination

Uhh okay, I was just stating I’d like to see the Game Hero game setup like how “Fever Move” was designed. Why so negative Seam?

Was just funny to see someone mention that wii chinese knockoff console, thats all!

Ohhh okay, I collect pretty much every system. If I can find it and it’s reasonanle then I add it to my collection. I actually sort of like the Vii it has some charm to it.

Excited to see how this turns out. I just got my Flashboy+ yesterday so I planned on trying out the original today.

Sounds like quite the improvement, can’t wait to see/try it!

Looking foward to it 🙂

Awesome news!

Awesome, can’t wait to try it out!

I’m excited to see how it turns out 😀

Hmmm… I wonder who, or what, the “legends” will be…

The first one was amazing, so I cant wait to see the 2nd.

Hey everyone,

there has only been a little bit of process since my last post. I did create a better integration of all my tools into vbde. It allows me to make changes to the tools more easily and also supports my workflow.

The more exiting news is that Morintari is helping me out like crazy with drawing assets. Hey already did some pretty cool sprites. He’s using Pro Motion NG which seems to be a pretty good choice.

We discussed ideas for the game an he’s now creating assets that are much closer to what I envisioned the game to look like in the beginning. However, that also means I will have to program a completely new game mode (I will try to keep the one I have).

Before starting that stuff I will have to improve my image converter a bit though. I want to properly integrate the 2D to 3D converter and add an proper UI.

There’s also a fancy programmer with a big cartridge one the way to my home which hopefully should allow me to have better sound quality.

However, I have very limited time right now for private reasons. That’s why everything is going so slow. Maybe there will be a Christmas Demo. We will see.

Thanks for updating us. It’s cool to hear you got Morintori on board!

Definitely excited for the Demo, it sounds like a lot is being poured into this one.
Even if you don’t hit the Christmas target, still excited!

Great project ThunderStruck.
Glad to be onboard.

I am very excited for this game! The combined art talents and programming skills shall bring forth an impressive gaming experience for us all!

Great to hear all this! Thanks for the update.

Great to see your progress and collaboration with Morintari! I’m happy to wait for the finished product since it seems like so much love is being put into it. A Christmas demo would be nice but definitely not necessary 🙂


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