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Few days after the release of the SU 2011 sound engine, another (totally unrelated) program brings music in Virtual Boy homebrews to new heights with the first rhythm/music game to come to the system. thunderstruck‘s “GameHero” is a Guitar Hero clone for the Virtual Boy that let’s you play 24 video game theme songs. Thanks to backup battery support, your best scores per song get saved. Highscore tables will be made available soon, so start rocking!

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This is what I am telling people
If 1 person can do this game in only 1 month how big game can be done in a month if 6+ people are working on it?

Like the game alot but would maybe like it more if I culd open those damn screws on the vb thats far inside the hole so I dont need to play the game with 1 screen

Will you post some screenshots? 🙂

Fun game, and the music sounds good to.

Well, it took me one month, but I already had a basic knowledge of how to program the VirtualBoy when I started. Making a game with group of programmers doesn’t necessarily make the development faster or better. If you work in groups greater then 3 persons you always need one person coordinating everything and keeping track of the big picture. You also need a solid basic architecture and closed tasks for every member of the team. This isn’t usually something you can easily archive after work and on weekends because this kind of work isn’t fun at all.

Btw, I was really surprised about the high quality of libgccvb. Also nearly every question I had was already answered in the forums. This made things really easy for me.

Right now I am thinking about some new VB tools to make programming easier. However, I am not going to archive much this year.


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