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due to the fact that some games were completed but never released (like: Bound High): Is there a possibility to play these games on the VB? On other consoles like the Neo Geo there are “conversions” build by users in order to play prototype game(code) on offical hardware.

It would be great to play this jewels on a real VB console – so if the code is not (or no longer) copyrighted than why put it onto an empty cart and play it!



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sure you can, like any other (vb) game, if you either got an official or homebrewn flash or eprom card.

what exactly do you mean by “conversion”? that those rom images needed to be hacked to run on hardware? well, that’s not the case with vb. 🙂

I will for the sake of this post overlook the fact that I don’t have an EPROM programmer…

Where would one find such prototype dumps? I haven’t seen them on any site. I haven’t even seen rare commercial games like Virtual Lab on any sites…

Hm, I have a hard enough time as is to find VB roms, let alone finding unfinished products.


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