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I went into my favorite game store looking for an N64 expansion Pak. When I was looking, I found the original Game Boy for $4.99. I noticed that 5 dollars was a good deal for a decent console so I bought it. When I turned it on, I found out why it was 5 dollars – some parts of the screen didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s something I can fix or if I need to replace it. I’m sure it’s nothing wrong with the cartridges because I tested Super Mario land, Super Mario land 2: Six golden coins and the Game Boy camera with it, and the screen problem was still there. Can this be fixed? If not, please show me where I can get a replacement.

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Were the problems displayed on the screen *always* in the same place? Clean the pinout on the console, and of course, clean the pins on each game. Cut down a credit card to GB shape, wrap a cloth/shirt/old sock around it, put rubbing alcohol on said cloth and insert it in/out of the cartridge slot.

I heard that problem is very common for Original Gameboys,
I know there are many videos on Youtube that are about fixing the Original Gameboy’s screen but I havent watched them much (due to my Gameboy’s screen not having lines already) but no harm in checking them out I think 😉

heres one thats a bit odd but it looks very easy and requires no tools but I’m not sure how safe it is for the Gameboy or if it fixes it for a long time though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXhiHDxz4P8&feature=related

That didn’t work.

Aw, well I hope you find cure to your poor Gameboy’s screen 🙁


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