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UltraEdit makes a nice gccVB frontend, but it’s not free.
So I thought maybe we could modifiy an existing freeware (open source) editor like “Programmer’s Notepad” for our needs. Like stripping it down to only the necessary features to keep it simple, and add large buttons for compiling, running in Reality Boy and maybe even for direct flashing to the FlashBoy. What do you guys think?

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I used UltraEdit when I began to work in the engine, but I ended going back to Eclipse, I now it is a shame in some areas, its installation is not that simple because of the need of the jre, and it eats up a lot of machine resources, but it has proved to be a very flexible tool, having plug-ins to support a wide range of languages. It allows to run rboy and rdragon from it with a variety of parameters. If the FlashBoy has a command line interface, it would be simple to create a script to be run from Eclipse for direct flashing, all this without the need of modify any source.

Maybe PVB could host the customized Eclipse I have (with all the plug-ins, etc) to allow new developers just download it and begin to work right away… even better, I could share my workspace’s configuration so no one will need to configure the external tools such as rboy and rdragon.. but it will work only under Linux because that’s the OS I use to develop.



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