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It just dawned on me that alot of you guys are German (my real name is Hans and my dad is German, much respect), what is some good German techno. I can’t get enough of that stuff!

Try playing WarioLand with techno blasting, its great! 😎

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a good Sampler 4 German only Techno is “Va – Gary D Presents D-Techno ” Newest -> “Va – Gary D Presents D-Techno 15-3Cd-2006-Mod”

Other good Sampler ( with some tracks from European DJs too )

4 Hardstyle: “Blutoniumboy present Hardstyle Vol. 10”
4 normal Techno: “Sunshine Live” or “Welcome to the Club” or “Kontor top of the Clubs” or “Dream Dance” or “Tunnel Trance Force”
4 Slow Techno/Trance: “Mellomania”
and 4 fucking commercial Techno “Future Trance”

In Germany we have an Radio Station called “Radio Sunshinelive” It’s the biggest Electronic Musik Radio here with ~1mio listeners/day which is a lot, Germany only have ~90 Million Population and 80% of the younger (under 25) only listen to Rap :thumpdown:. @Day they play more Commercial Musik, but @ the evening they play “harder” musik.
Live Stream -> http://sunshinelive.de/index.php?id=6

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Sweet. Thanks for the tip. My sis lived in Doitchland for a few years. She got me a few CDs.


I am German but normaly I listen to other music….like Rap Jungle etc.
The only German Electronica thing I know is/was cosmic baby…something like trance/teckno…I liked it very much (jears ago)but I dont know where to find it. check it.


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