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Can’t help but wonder if this guys got Dragon Hopper.

Amazing! VERY expensive, but I guess Ben is already going after it. ;-D

: DreamTR has been asked about Dragon Hopper a few times, but has clearly stated that he does not have it, unfortunately.

DreamTR’s tried to sell the thing since 2010, nobody is interested.

He has also stated that he has had Dragon Hopper, but no amount of money will ever make him sell or release it. Simply because its so obscure, he doesn’t think he’d ever part with it.

KR155E wrote:
Amazing! VERY expensive, but I guess Ben is already going after it. ;-D

: DreamTR has been asked about Dragon Hopper a few times, but has clearly stated that he does not have it, unfortunately.

Originally posted by: DreamTR [2010]
You’ve definitely missed some =P. I’ve been offered $10,000 for Dragon Hopper TWICE now so I can assure you people would be ahead in that matter..but you said it yourself, if you had it you wouldn’t sell it…= ) It’s just tough to set a price on such an item…heck even at 5 figures I would miss it. Just like when people post on the forums they wouldn’t even take $2500 for their own personal Tron machine which we all know is much more common it really factors to what someone will pay and console stuff is king when it comes to value over arcade stuff…..there are so many machines like Sosage said that are worth X amount but rarity is not there on a lot of them and some don’t come close to some of the crazy console stuff out there…

He has Dragon Hopper, but will not sell it. Also he’s been trying to sell the TV Boy since 2010.

I just thought I would ask he sounds like the type.

DreamTR wrote (later that conversation):

I keep confusing you with Neil as the guy that I know that has Dragon Hopper wants to hold onto it like it’s his first born but he doesn’t do anything with it. One day it will pop up from someone else like the Neo Geo Ironclad did and no one has to worry about it anymore, LOL, but at the very least Bound High is out there for most people….

I’m sure that many serious Virtual Boy enthusiasts have at least once suspected that DreamTr owned Dragon Hopper, simply because DreamTr somehow seems to manage to get his hands on just about everything at one time or another. I myself used to suspect that he had it, so at one time I informed him of my serious $30,000.00 offer for the game. I mentioned it to him in passing, basically stating that I would gladly offer any Dragon Hopper owner thirty thousand dollars for the game, while primarily writing about another subject. Of course, I mentioned that with the hopes that, in case he had the game, he might be willing to let me know about it and take me up on my offer. He didn’t make a comment about the offer, so if he does happen to have the game, thirty grand likely isn’t enough to get him to share. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that his other comments he has made in the past with regard to him not having the game are true, so he has since been removed from my suspect list.

You have 30,000 at your disposal…?

This wasn’t a topic on dragon hopper…

BigMak wrote

This was’nt a topic on dragon Hopper…

One last Bump.
I wonder if he would consider a rom dump that way he keeps the original cart. and he’s X dollars richer.

or maybe he would dump it if we let him barrow the dumper. then he would have nothing to lose!

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sw201444 wrote:
You have 30,000 at your disposal…?

One doesn’t need to have that much money at one’s disposal in order to be able to make a serious offer with it. One simply needs to have a very good loan source available.

I don’t think I would want to take out that kind of a loan for the Video Boy, though.


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