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If anyone has a flashcart and/or reader/writer they would be willing to sell I would be very interested. name your price and any details below. Thanks.

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I’m about to consider what I’m going to do for may own flash cart(s). If I end up making one thats easy enough to build, I may consider taking requests. I’m hopefully going to be able to make a 2MB cart with RAM, but size restrictions may limit that.
What size are you looking for? 512KB, 1MB or 2MB?
And you want RAM with that? πŸ˜‰

…And if you really want me to name my own price, how does US$500 sound? πŸ˜›

I’d have to first make it and see how much money/effort is required before I could give an accurate price…

*Sends pre-order for a 2MB cart with RAM*

Hecka yeah that sounds good. 2MB with Ram sounds good for what I wish to use but even less than that would be fine. Well if you do end up with one to sell I’m still definitely interested. I’ll stay tuned. thanks

As I said before, it should be possible to make a 2MB cart, but my soldering skills aren’t the best, so I’ll have to see how I go before saying I can make them.

And I’ll have to look at my parts & production costs (I use a printable paper to do my PCBs and it can be a bit expensive) before I can give any kind of accurate price.

I’ll also consider designing a dumper/programmer, but due to the chips I use (PICs), and the fact I have to find a suitable replacement for a VB cart connector, it may also cost a bit.

…Just a quick figure, is US$50 (each) for cart and programmer sound alright? It may be more, maybe less. As I said I’ll have to see.

I will probably release all necessary documentation needed to make your own, but if you’re like most people, you’ll be more than willing to pay for someone else to do it. πŸ˜‰

My class finishes at the end of November, so I should get time then to work on this. Until then I can’t really do much. :/

That’s cool, I can wait. When your ready and if you decide you still want to go through with this I’ll probably still be looking for one so no rush. Feel free to E-mail me if you want. Of course when you can come up with accurate figures I’ll be willing to pay you up front before the unit is built to cover costs of materials and labor πŸ˜‰

still looking…for..flashcart….too…….lazy…to….build…m..must… type…like…William..sh..shatner…


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