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So I finally broke down and bought a VB (even though I already played Wario Land in both difficulties via emulation, so I dunno why I did it).

Now the thing is the IPD knob won’t turn at all, not matter how much pressure I put. Am I doing something wrong?
Also I have noticed the left eye screen is more raised than the right one…

The stand plastic badge is also broken, can I fix it with glue?
I also can’t manage to attach the Virtual Boy to the stand like the manual says, I only can put it backwards…???

I bought it locally (since the shipping from the US would make it pretty expensive) so hopefully I can return it if it’s faulty.


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It sounds like one of the display assemblies came loose and is stuck… likely from a large drop. I’ve never personally seen that, but from knowing how the assembly works and the fact that one eye isn’t straight and the IPD won’t move, it definitely sounds like that. You could probably fix it if you can take it apart, but without the right tools, that can be difficult.

Generally, the badge on the stand can’t be fixed with glue… the piece easily cracks because of a design flaw. If it’s still functional, I wouldn’t worry about it.

The stand can go on either way, although as you’ve noticed, it does seem to go on easier backwards. There’s not really a trick to it, but what you have to do is push the lever (that says push), put the back of the clip against the VB side, PULL THE STAND TOWARD THE FRONT OF THE VB, the rotate upward to clip on the VB. Without getting the back seated first (by pulling to the front), you won’t be able to get the front of the clip to go in.


Damn I got screwed. I mean I tested it when I went to pick it up, and the display is fine, so I guess it’s not a big deal. But I don’t want it if it doesn’t work as it should. Plus the box was in REALLY rough condition, but I’d let it slide if the console worked properly. Going to return it definitely.

The stand I actually got another one which is fine, but I probably won’t use it as I read they tend to break often. A pile of books should do it.

That is if I actually get another unit. Otherwise, my VB experience will be pretty short-lived.

Is ~$160 a good deal for a complete one (seems to be in much better condition) with 8 games (cart only)

Problem is that since it’s in another city, with the shipping it’ll probably cost a bit more, and if it has any fault I would be out of luck.

Thanks for the fast response.

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The stand I actually got another one which is fine, but I probably won’t use it as I read they tend to break often. A pile of books should do it.

That’s how I played mine until I got the stand, but it’s not a particularly great experience. Like DogP said, if the stand is still functional, don’t worry about it, but otherwise get another one. I’ve had mine for about 10 months and it has been OK all the time. It also depends on where you play the VB and where you store it. I, for example, store it in a corner of my desk, and when I want to play it, I bring it to the front of the desk, which is a very small distance. If you store your VB somewhere else, I recommend you grab it with the left hand on the stand (and press the stand against the bottom side of the VB so that they stay together, but not too harsh), and with the right hand on the unit itself so you don’t put too much pressure on the stand. Once you’re done transporting the VB, transport the controller and power adapter (if you have one) by themselves.

Or you can build yourself a head strap – see the Workshop section of this site.


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