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The standard way I have heard of (and tried) is to lay on your back and put the visor over your eyes with the stand resting on your chest. The stand keeps the unit from tilting, but the problem is all of the VB’s weight is centered on your face, causing either your nose to smash against the plastic or the eye shade to dig into your face. That might even be tolerable if the screen was in view, but one screen is usually cut off due to the unusual angle, so the whole experience is pretty bad and I can’t get into the game.

So has anyone found any clever ways of playing the VB while laying down? I’m up for any ideas here. Any at all.

*Edit* Wow, I fail. I seriously searched for topics about this using the forum search tool before I posted, and apparently it didn’t find the one that is literally on the front page (which I must have missed in my skimming). Although, that topic is about the VB’s integrity and not the ergonomics of playing laying down, so I guess it’s a little different.

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Vaughanabe13 wrote:
Has anyone found a way to comfortably play laying down?

Naked, while being being fanned with a palm frond and being fed grapes.

However, the eye shade still digs into your face.


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