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Our user Cyberdyne has created the ultimate Virtual Boy headset using an old (and rare) Forte VFX-1 Virtual-Reality system.

Check out his creation called HMVB (“Head-Mounted Virtual Boy”) in our gallery!


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It should have been sold like this instead!

Looks great!

That is very cool. Great Job!

this is so cool! 😎

it almost looks as the headset addition was meant to be an official Virtual Boy accessory!

A stunning bit of homebrew hardware, very well modified and implemented, if i had anything along those lines i would def give it a go, but i don’t.

I will now keep my eyes open for similar type of objects that could be utilized as I’m rather envious of your creation.

Thank you very much! I still have to do some minor changes but I will send new pictures and maybe a small video.

Hi Cyberdyne, one small request: have you made instructions on how to modify the VFX-1 to hold the Virtual Boy? I’m asking because I guess I’m as lucky as you: I have an old VFX-1 in my attic and I believe I won’t ever build an MS-DOS computer to play Doom with the VFX-1 again. I think your project is the best use I can give to the helmet 🙂

I didn’t make instructions yet but sure I will help you. If we make something usable Chris can add it to the pictures here at PVB as well. Please send me a PM and tell me how I can help you.

Not new Keima had it first and with Homebrew PSP compatibility! LOL

The picture does not work and what are you talking about? Did someone called Keima combined a VB and a VFX-1 like I did or what do you try to say? And what does “with Homebrew PSP compatibility” mean? PSP like Playstation Portable? What has a PSP todo with a VB? I don’t get it?! Sorry!

I think he is kidding and refers to this image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jubizo/5811209481/in/photostream

Even though it could never work, playing Gunpey on my Virtual Boy would be so COOL! 😀

Ahhhh! Now I understand everything!
Without the picture it was kind of difficult.

LOL you bet me to it Kriss thanks for posting. Keima patented this some time ago. Is good for when you want to ignore people right on their grill.

Sorry Cyber didn’t mean to make you feel bad!! I love your creation and just found it funny that Keima (God only knows Anime) has this PSP / VB gadget that looks like yours. Obviously this is last Monday’s ep so you sure beat him to it. Now the only thing you need is add a PSP. Cheers and keep up the good work!


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